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The Power of Healing

Irony works in many ways. I had it all wrong when I first had the nudge to enter the field of healing modalities. It was my thought that these gifts would best serve others, and I would be revered as a gifted healer. Many years later I chuckle at that notion which allowed my Ego to personify the stage I so aligned with. Little did I realize that this process was not for others; in fact, this entire journey has been a representation, and desire to step into my truest form.

Throughout this process there have been a myriad of energies #progressive*, and #regressive that served as the perfect mirror for my maturation.

*It’s important to note that a progressive frequency would be an energy, thought, or action to empower the spirit. Most may simply say it’s the juxtaposition of good and bad; however, I feel this analogy has the possibility to be ambiguous and detracts from the very nature of energy itself. Everything in the Universe has a specific energy that supports or tempts us in accordance to the lessons we signed up for (a concept to further expand on).

The goal: to feel in my heart #authenticity, #impeccability, #self-worth, #love, #compassion, and #forgiveness to list a few. To have, and hold a divine space for Self can be correlated to holding a divine space for others; that was when I had an epiphany. My internal/external perception might just be the totality of personal reality. This formulated my truth: "Everything constitutes Me." The culmination of thought, perception, and actions all derive from the source of Self. In turn, the source of all healing starts with Self, and my willingness to support others prompted an amazing transition in ideology.

First, and foremost I no longer align with the term healer. I would consider myself a conduit in the form of a hue-man, who receptive, and honored to share a progressive energy/frequency for all who align. I’ve found in #Reiki a modality that has allowed me to deconstruct old paradigms, patriarchal imprints, and archaic dogma creatively woven into the fabric of our now experience. True healing, personified in conjunction with Spirit starts with a magical concept…Yes!

Ethan Silvera

Intend Reiki

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