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Step into Self-Worth

There are infinite variables as it applies to the maturation of the individual. To note a few: DNA, Country of origin, Ethnicity, Gender, Morality, Religious Affiliation, Education, and Financial Upbringing…the list goes on. Regardless of factor, there may be a commonality to ensure long term mental, spiritual, and possibly physical health. A simple, yet complex concept called Self-Worth.

Imagine a reality where by we unequivocally knew the sheer magnitude as it relates to the miracle that we are. Ponder for a minute; the population of Earth is slightly south of 8 billion people. The statistical probability that denotes individual sentience mathematically can be represented as 1 in 400 quadrillion. Yet, for some reason, the number of individuals who struggle with depression in the United States alone has been recorded around 21 million; that’s only one area of dis-ease. In addition to: anxiety, suicidal thoughts, body dysmorphia, shame, and even regret. This happens to be staggering, and I can make a case where in every situation these occurrences are reflective of a mind that is not in alignment with self-worth. The miracle that indicates your I Am Presence.*

*Here are a few articles that present their interpretation of this concept. Kindly remember discernment is a powerful tool. I incorporate what resinates and discard the rest. Not to worry, you will always have an opportunity to reproach this information. Throughout our Human Experience we are provided with the material to absorb; not ever is it necessary to do so.

Are you an individual that struggles with Self-worth? Is there constant chatter in your head that promotes shame, blame, fear, judgement, and regret?

If so, I would encourage you to ask a very simply question: Why do you think you are receiving these transmissions? Who’s voice is that? And do you think God would speak to you that way?

In every instance this voice would be the catalyst of a trauma that has previously happened. I can empathize! My head space has been on its own hamster wheel for decades. It matters not the source of our injury; there are moments when trauma is inflicted upon us, some we create for ourself, and those that we sign up for. In every instance, I would always acknowledge the frequency/ energy that has presented itself. Breathe into this, and say “I forgive us,” and “I love us.” I would do this as many times as necessary to calm my nervous system. I would, and still to this day, place my hand on my heart, the area which I felt most affected, and repeat this mantra over and over.

What is the purpose of this you may ask? It’s simple. I am infusing a progressive frequency/ self-worth into an area of my body, mind, spirit that has been highjacked by a regressive frequency/ energy due to whatever occurrence that promoted this. I am manifesting the love, compassion, and forgiveness that is necessary to expel dis-ease, and create a better sense of self-worth, and prosperity.

The goal to heal is not to forget. Rather, acknowledge the regressive energy that has perpetuated this story, and create from a place aligned with your I Am Presence. This will be accomplished contingent on the perpetual reinforcement derived from love, forgiveness, self-worth.

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