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Intend Reiki

Elevate Your Frequency

The Universe: exists and is comprised of loving energy. As your Reiki Practitioner, it's my honor to share this energy with the sole intention to harmonize the frequency of your Truest Self.  Take comfort that I'm here to hold space, have compassion, and be pure love for any intention that resonates with Your Spirit.


At a young age I felt an intense connection to the World We inhabit. This realization was the catalyst to open myself to the divinity of Universal Love. I believe it's possible to cultivate a pure energetic, source relationship with all that surrounds us. First and foremost, this journey begins with Yes.

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There are an insurmountable number of distractions in our everyday life. Possibly the most challenging may lay in relation to the chatter in our mind. It can be said that the body, and the mind is a storage facility for everything that has ever happened throughout our existence. That's why it's vital one actively pursue any modality which will activate the truest version of ourself.

It takes tremendous courage to face our vulnerabilities, and ask for help. Your willingness to reclaim your power within the Self is nothing less than perfection. I'm extremely proud of you! I would be elated,  and honored to support our alignment with any intention you hold. Trust, I will always be present with love and compassion.


I've found through Reiki the medium to help. With the ability to share energy we can relieve physical pain, stymie mental anguish, and create the presence of Self that one needs in order to resonate at their highest frequency. Step one is saying yes to change. In a universal moment we can create the reality you seek.

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What can Reiki do for you?

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Our Animal Family

Most animals are extremely receptive to energy work.  The benefits are extremely rewarding.

Distance Healing

All the benefits Reiki has to offer.  Allow us to merge energetically.  I will hold this container,  and co-create while you sleep,  or in a relaxed state of being.

Maximize Your Chakra

Crown to Root and everything between. Balance and flow is the intention.

Reiki Energy Session

Full body alignment in conjunction with the intention you set.  This will also focus on maximizing the potential of your Chakra's, and clear out everything that doesn't align with your True-Self.

Just For Today

And Every Other Day

I will be Present

I Will be Positive

Ethan Silvera | Intend Reiki | Energetic Healing

I Will do my Work Honestly

I Will be Thankful

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I will be Kind to my Neighbor and Every Living Creature

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